Which sports are grip socks suitable for?

Our grip socks can be used for almost any sport where a good grip and maximum stability in the shoe is an advantage. Sports where our grip socks are popular:


- Tennis

- Running

- Hiking

- Fitness & Crossfit

- Motocross

- Horse riding

- Cycling

- Skateboarding

- Homeworkouts

- Yoga

How do I wash the DAMN SPORTS socks?

Do not wash above 30 degrees
To make your socks last as long as possible, they should not be washed at more than 30 degrees. This is especially important for grip socks, so that the grips on the soles of your feet retain their grip.

Separate socks by color
Wash white socks only with white laundry, otherwise there is a risk of discoloration.

Avoid fabric softener or bleach
Take care of your textiles and the environment by avoiding all forms of aggressive detergents.

Do not use the dryer
Grip socks should never be put in the dryer, as this can cause the grips to come off the soles. However, we also recommend that socks without grips are not dried in order to maintain the quality of the socks for a long time.

What materials are the grip socks made of?

The material composition of our DAMN SPORTS grip socks is as follows:
40% Cotton, 40% Nylon, 20% Spandex

What materials are the sports socks without grips made of?

The material composition of our Lifestyle & Performance line is as follows:
80% Cotton, 20% Spandex

Can I try the DAMN SPORTS socks for free?

We receive a lot of requests and unfortunately, as a fresh start-up, it is not possible for us to send out large quantities of test models. However, if we can help you with other materials or information, we are always at your disposal. Just write us an email to 


Where can I enter a coupon code?

If you have a coupon code, you can enter it directly in the checkout.

In the shopping cart, the input of the coupon code is not possible.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept the most common payment methods: Paypal, credit card (VISA, Mastercard), Maestro, eps Instant bank transfer and Klarna Instant bank transfer.

My size is sold out. When will it be available again?

Unfortunately, we can't give you a restock date. But as soon as we can confirm the date to restock the products, we will either post it on social media or send an email.

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What are the delivery times?

Since we pack our packages as quickly as possible and send to you, we try to keep the following delivery times:

Our packages are delivered within Austria in 1-3 business days. To Germany, shipping usually takes 3-5 business days. Within the EU you have to expect delivery times between 5-10 business days.

How much is the shipping?

You can find all information about the current shipping conditions here: 

My shipping zone is not available

If your desired country is not listed in our delivery overview, please send us an inquiry to and we will try to find an individual solution for you.

What to do if my order has not arrived yet?

Your order hasn't arrived yet? Contact us at and we will help you as soon as possible so that you can start with full motivation and the best equipment!

How can I return my order?

Important when returning your order: We can only refund items that have not been worn and used. No refunds can be made on items that have already been used.

We do not bear any return costs.
If you would like to return your goods, please send us an email directly with your order number and the return information:

What should I do if a product is missing from my order?

Please send us an email to with your order number and we will arrange a subsequent delivery immediately.