Our philosophy

The potential of every human being is infinite. The only thing is to use this potential. Not to waste it. To become better every day and to strive for one's own goals. This is why DAMN SPORTS exists.


Stories that life writes and stories that we write ourselves.
Time passes. There is no stopping it. But how we use each day is in our own hands. We can change, shape and write our own story - every day. Motivating yourself to train every day can be hard. Damn hard. Doing it anyway, that's what makes the difference. Because goals can only be achieved if you set out to do them. Doing creates movement. Once in motion, nothing can stop you. With the goal in mind and our support, you write your story of success.

Closely connected to success is the right mindset. Our thoughts control our actions. Therefore, sport alone cannot be the key. The key is in ourselves. Our mindset. How we think determines the day. How we think determines our actions. How we think determines what we strive for. How we think determines our success.

We know that mental health also plays an essential role in a successful life. DAMN SPORTS stands not only for sport, but for everything that goes with it. A healthy life starts in the mind and extends beyond sport.

>> Write your story.


Together, even the impossible is possible.
We do not stand for 1 against 1, because life is already hard enough. We believe that together you can achieve more. In training as well as in life, it's about not only fighting for yourself, but also supporting others on their journey. Every person struggles with different challenges. Sometimes the stones in one's way are small and easy to remove. Sometimes they are big and can only be moved together. We stand for cooperation, teamwork and maximum support. Because great are not those who force others to the ground. Great are those who help others up, push them and motivate them to create great things together.

>> Making history together.


We believe that everyone can bring out the best in themselves and that dreams are not just for dreaming. DAMN SPORTS exists for those who strive for more. For all dreamers who dare to tackle the big goals in life. For all storytellers who write their story every day. For all those who are on their way and those who want to start today.