Socken richtig waschen: Die besten Pflegetipps

Washing socks properly: The best care tips

Today we're revealing the secret to making sure your sports socks stay with you for as long as possible. The secret to ensuring that your DAMN SPORTS socks still feel like they did on the first day: the right wash! We have summarised the best tips for you.

The perfect washing temperature

Everyone knows the problem: washed once too hot = the favourite garment already fits the smallest in the family. In order to maintain the size of the socks and to protect the material as much as possible, they should not be washed more than 30 degrees. This is especially important for grip socks, so that the grips on the soles of the feet retain their grip. If the socks are washed above 30 degrees, we cannot guarantee an optimal and long durability of the sock.

Wash socks with similar colors

A very important point for the socks to keep their colour and for white socks not to discolour is to wash them with the same colours. White socks should only be washed with white laundry. Similarly, coloured socks should be washed separately and preferably with the same-coloured laundry in the washing machine. By separating the colours, the products keep their bright colours.

Remove dirt and keep socks clean

White socks are particularly susceptible to dirt and grass stains (e.g. when playing football). For this reason, it is best to treat the stains with a pre-wash spray immediately after use. This is usually left on for 10 minutes and then the sock is put in the washing machine. It is important to treat the stains as soon as possible, as the dirt eats into the fibres after some time and is then very difficult to remove optimally.

Use the right detergent

  • Avoid fabric softeners and bleach

To protect the textiles and also the environment, any form of aggressive detergent should be avoided. The use of fabric softener can cause the grips on the soles of the feet to loosen, making the socks unusable. It also damages the fibres.

  • Use a sanitizer for laundry

In the case of athlete's foot, the spores of the fungi that are in the socks can multiply. For this reason, socks should not be washed with other laundry. It is essential to add a hygiene rinse to the detergent. This removes bacteria and keeps the socks hygienically clean.

Drying on the clothesline

Socks dry best in the air. Very important: Grips socks should never be put in the dryer, as the grips may come off the sole. However, we also recommend that socks without grips are not dried in order to maintain the quality of the socks for a long time.

Tip: Different sock sizes can already be roughly separated when hanging. For example, all L socks can be hung on the right side of the clothes horse and all S socks on the left side. For better identification of sock sizes, the size is already sewn into the inside of all DAMN socks.

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For the sake of the environment and your wallet, it won't hurt to follow these tips.